The "Blackhawk" Squadron can trace its roots back to 1833 when the 1st Dragoon (later to be renamed Cavalry) was formed. They took the name Blackhawk because the troopers who made up the Dragoon unit had recently been fighting in the Blackhawk Indian war. The 7th Squadron was originally "G" Company of the 1st Dragoon. Their history has been one of honor and valor in every war. Its colors were retired in July 1944 and the unit was broken up. The units were converted and re-designated as part of the 1st Armored Division.
The unit was reactivated at Fort Knox on 25 April 1967, under the command of LTC Charles E. Canedy. It was organized as a self-contained air cavalry squadron to be trained and equipped to perform scout insertion interdiction and attack missions for deployment to Vietnam. The Squadron consisted of HHT, A, B, C and D Troop. A, B and C were the air units and D Troop was the ground cav. The air cav troops were equipped with OH-6A light observation helicopters for scouting, UH-1H Hueys for transport and the UH-1C gun ship for the attack role. The UH-1C was replaced with the AH-1G Cobra shortly after beginning operations in Vietnam.
The unit call signs were: HHT was "Blackhawk" (later changed to "King Bird"); A Troop was "Apache"; B Troop was "Dutchmaster"; C Troop was "Sandpiper" (changed to "Comanche" in mid-1968); D Troop was "Powder Valley".
After six months of training, the aircraft were flown to California to be loaded on a ship along with the advanced party. From mid-January to 25 February, the main body crossed the Pacific on the USS UPSHUR and disembarked at Vung Tau, Vietnam. It planted the unit colors at Dian on the 26th of February 1968. By 21 March, the unit was fully operational.
In April 1968, the Squadron, less A and B Troops, moved to Vinh Long to support operations in the IV Corps (the Delta region of South Vietnam). A Troop rejoined the Squadron on 10 June. B Troop continued to support the operations in III and IV Corps from Dian and was attached to the 3rd of the 17th Air Cav. On 8 December, B Troop rejoined the Squadron at Vinh Long.
The Squadron remained in Vinh Long until April 1972 when it was redeployed to Fort Knox. After returning to Fort Knox, the 7th of the 1st Air Cav was attached to the 194th Armored Brigade until being deactivated in 1976.
The Blackhawks' distinguished history is indicated by the fact that the unit has been awarded 88 Battle Streamers, with 3 of those earned during operations in Vietnam. The original unit colors were presented to the Patton Museum by LTC Ron Hill, the Squadron Commander, in 1972.