Blackhawks News
Marsha Stebelton
The memorial service will be at Lewis Emery Park, in Hillsdale.Michigan
Website Updates
I have been busy adding features to the Blackhawks website.
Members will notice that I have enabled you to make comments to BLOG posts, and as you can see here, the NEWS feature is now active as well.
Any member can post BLOG items and comment on posts made by others. You can also upload pictures with your BLOG posts.
Members can also upload pictures to either of 2 albums, one for your tours in Vietnam and another for pictures of life after Vietnam. If you have video you wish to share, email me and I'll provide assistance.
Obituaries and Death Notices are now displayed on the 'Silent Spurs' page as links from the person in question. Names of individuals with a notice are shown in blue.
Association officers also have new features appropriate to their roles in the organization.
Dick Holden